Magic at a Wedding: ♠♣♥♦



Here is an email from a wedding that I just performed at in October 2015:

Hello Jeff!

You amazed everyone!  Thank you so much for helping to make our day so special.
We have had so many wonderful comments form our guests about you!  The only thing that would have been better for us is if Eagle and
I had been able to spend some time at the cocktail party!  🙁  Oh well, maybe we should have had you use your magic to make duplicates
of us, so that we could be in two places at once. 🙂   Hey, maybe you should practice that bit of magic and offer that option to other future
brides and grooms!
Our warmest wishes and many thanks,
It’s always so nice to hear back from my clients. Thank you both for including me in such a special day. I had a wonderful time.

If you are thinking about having me perform for a wedding, there is a really good chance we should just be thinking about Roving Close Up Magic only.  This keeps the magic happening where it should be happening – in the background. Think about it! Many of your guests will have not seen each other in years, even decades in some cases. So that last thing you want to ask of them is to have them sit and watch some guy they do not know for 40 minutes up in front of the group. They want to pinch cheeks, give kisses, and that sort of mushy family stuff. So it’s best if your magician is at any given table for say 5-10 minutes, them moves on. Sure, there will be those at the reception who want to see more magic, and they can request me to come back to their table.  And that is fine. A smart man once said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”.   Let’s make sure your guests are focused on how the couple found each other, rather than how I found their card.


  • There have been a few weddings where they talked me into doing an actual show for the group. Here is why: Every single person that was coming to the wedding was a really close friend. All of these people see each other on a regular basis. So there was not that element of having to catch up on family and old friends. So we did a show for them, and they had a great time of it.
  • Another wedding was a pastor’s daughter. She was to be married in the church. The ceremony and the reception were to be held at the church. They were not drinkers. They had lots of pressure with all of the church members looking at them, etc. So for the reception there was a wonderful variety of desserts and coffee. Then they all came back into the sanctuary for the magic show. I custom themed a show where I made both the bride and groom appear in to separate illusions, and the show was customized for the wedding in several other ways. It was a great success.

Bottom line: Nowadays SCUBA divers get married under water, skiers are being towed while they exchange their vows. So hey, it’s your wedding, so if you really want something fun and different at your wedding, it is your choice. I am just speaking in general terms.


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