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or feel free to call/text:  310-251-6004

For all prospects and clients, I offer a no cost, no obligation demonstration.

If you are local to me, the demonstration is in person. I will come right to your home or office.

The demonstration puts you in the best position from which to make a decision as to whether or not my magic makes sense for your event.  It will also give you a much better sense of the 3 different types of magic that I perform. Then we can work together to make some good strong decisions about what kind of magic would be appropriate for your event.

You will be more excited about my magic once you have experienced it in person. Let’s face it, when you are “shopping” for a magician, you are looking for a very personal experience. All of us magicians have very different personalities. You need to spend a little time with your possible performer, to make sure that the personality is a good fit for your event.  The demonstration that I offer is a really great value for you. I admonish you to take me up on it.

Now many of my customers are out of the state. If that is the case, we can at least spend some time together via skype, FaceTime, or even a good old fashion conference call. Let’s get to know each other a bit, and find out what we would be expecting from each other. Then once you decide to move forward, things will just be more in line with each other as we make plans to have magic at your up coming event.

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