How to hire a great magician

The most important thing to think about is PERSONALITY. ┬áThere are many of us magicians out there. We are all probably going to fool you. You are going to wonder how we do the things we do. But the bottom line is this: You need to actually enjoy the experience along the way as you are being fooled. ┬áThat’s where personality plays the biggest role.

Personally, I find the self centered, egotistical attitudes of most magicians to be appalling. I enjoy the performers who don’t take them selves too seriously, and are there to create a good time for the people at your event.

Not just INTERESTING, but INTERESTED as well. Maybe if you are lucky, your magician will actually take an interest in the people who are at your event. I think this is important if you are going to be satisfied when all is said and done.



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