Customer Feedback

Feedback received from recent customers:

2/6/2018 performance for Beckman Coulter

(Team Building Event)

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for the great evening!! I met with people for the rest of the week and they were very impressed and were using the words such as “best magic ever!”. I want to thank you for such a great experience, and your contribution to such a great event!! For me it was even better seeing it for the second time and was blown away again. Thanks again for that experience, and for making this evening memorable for everyone!

12/30/17 performance


We’ve been doing Sofia and Ana’s birthdays twice per year for last six years. And we spend it with mostly same group of people of family and friends.
This time, EVERYONE was impressed with you; that you gave attention to each guest; that you remembered everyone’s name; how you got Daren back with the cup trick, and how he walked right into it; that it was very entertaining for kids as well as adults; that eventually we got Pavle little drunk, which has never happened, yet during the show you made awesome/friendly jokes about drinking. Everyone laughed, people participated with minimal or no hesitation. Even non English speakers were directly engaged and participated and enjoyed.
People were complementing your skill, and were asking me where did we find you; but that’s the thing, we did not go out to find magician; we naturally came across you, and of course, your line that you ‘see yourself at one of your parties’ was the key to mutual success. 🙂
We talked about it last evening; we talked about it this morning… and I’m sure it will be subject of conversation tonight.
I stumbled with my words little at the end as you were leaving, and my wife laughed at me when I told her; but what I wanted to say ‘leaving on a high note’, and not produce pressures to repeat level of satisfactions. But if anyone could reproduce successful event, it would be Jeff Parmer.
This was greatest entertainment day we had, especially because it happened at our own house, with our closest friends and family.
Last evening, Ana was puzzled with the red ball trick, and was seeking answers.  🙂
When I scan through rest of pictures, I will send you if I find quality photos.
Thank you again. I have another headache coming. Turning 40 on January 7th.

12/18/17 performance

Wow. That is all I can say. Thank you so much for you phenomenal presentation. You are so engaging, funny, authentic, and amazing.

Please let me know all the costs incurred for your trip so we can reimburse you.
And, let’s talk about what we can plan for next year!
Very truly,
Tori A. Klein
Registered In-House Counsel
Hattori Hanzo Shears, Inc.

12/16/17 performance

Good Morning Jeff,

Thank you for making our Christmas party truly special.
We are all still talking about your magic tricks, and trying to figure out how you did them 😀
By the way, the drawing trick got me good.
Thank you for all your kind words and look forward to continuing working with you and Shari. You guys are truly amazing!
Have a great day!
Best regards,

Best Regards,

Gaby Juarez

12/15/17 performance

Good Morning Jeff,

Thank you for a wonderful performance last night.  Everyone really enjoyed it!

I have cut a ck# xxxxxx for the balance due of xxxx.00 and added 200.00 cash for tip that is in the mail today.

We wish you the happiest of Holidays!

Juno J. O’Rell


Vanderhorst Brothers, Inc.