About His Magic

3 Types of Magic


Roving Close Up Magic

Performed for small groups. Great for receptions, silent auctions, parties.  This is not a magic show where everybody watches all at once. Rather, it is mingling magic that happens in small splashes throughout an event.

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Magic Comedy Stage Shows

This is a magic show where everyone watches all at the same time. It is a funny, interactive, engaging, amazing magic show. Volunteers are invited up to the stage to help make the magic happen. All material is family friendly. Great for company holiday parties, corporate events, trade shows, sales meetings, private home parties, churches, schools, and the like.

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Grand Illusions

This the BIG STUFF! Houdini Escapes, Sawing the Lady in Half, Levitation, Live Tigers, People Vanishing from stage and reappearing in the Audience. That kind of thing.

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Roving Close Up Magic

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Not to worry 🙂   We will work with you to put together the perfect combination of magic for your event.


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