Monthly Archives: June 2016

Summer Magic

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Well we are having a great summer adding a touch of magic to birthday parties (mostly that end in a zero-also some kid’s birthday parties as well).

This past Saturday Night, I had the privilege and joy of causing my Friend/Client Wesley to vanish on stage then soar over Los Angeles, and into outer space.  I had him stand in a cabinet and cover his eyes. My lovely assistants Amy Egbert and Shari Iohara turned the cabinet around and Viola!!! He was gone.  Then a video came up showing Wesley soaring high,  flying thru the air. And because I am magic (grin) I was able to dialogue with him as he enjoyed his flight. We brought him back to earth with almost no injuries to speak of, sent him back to his seat with gratitude, and continued our after dinner show for his 45 carefully selected guests. The idea for this custom magic illusion came from the fact that Wesley actually considered going into orbit for his 50th. (He’s got the money to do it if he wants to). So I explained that because he chose my magic instead of going in to orbit (grin) that this was my special magic gift to him.

The party started at 2:00pm. I performed Roving Close Up Magic for several hours and visited with his guests who came from all over the world. Then after dinner we did our show including 5 Grand Illusions. Really a fun time for everyone, including my team of five.  The take away here is that we really enjoy customizing our magic to serve our clients. So if you would like, we could design a special unique magic epic just for your party.

310-251-6004 cell/text